Utrecht Health Seed Fund and imec.istart invest 300K+ euros in Ascenscia.

Utrecht Health Seed Fund and imec.istart invest 300K+ euros in Ascenscia.

Ascenscia is an emerging tech startup in laboratory automation. Their product comprises a highly specialized voice assistant for scientific laboratories. It understands scientific terminologies and workflows efficiently and enables scientists to communicate with other lab systems by voice.

Ascenscia’s goal is to change the traditional ways of documenting scientific research on paper, which is affecting the quality and reproducibility of scientific data. Such inefficiencies cost scientists valuable time, cause distractions and contribute to loss of important data. Using Ascenscia is proven to save scientists time spent on manual documentation, enhance the quality of data captured in the lab and increase their productivity by lowering distractions.

Prior to this funding round, Ascenscia had raised 150K in government grants and convertible debt. Most recently, they were awarded a Rabo Innovation loan of 150K.

“We believe Ascencia’s application will be very appreciated by laboratory researchers around the world”, said Timo Koopmans, Investment manager at Utrecht Health Seed Fund. “Given its convenience of use and native integration with existing laboratory software, it has the potential to save precious time in the lab that can be spent on research instead of administration and documentation.”

“Ascenscia successfully participated in the imec.istart.nl acceleration program.” said Tim de Kraker, Venture Acceleration Manager at imec.istart.nl. “Seeing them validating their business case with potential customers and working towards product market fit, we have learned that their solution supports both medical and chemical R&D companies to develop faster and be better in re-producing experiments.”

The team is located at UtrechtInc, the university startup incubator in the heart of the Utrecht Science Park.

About Ascenscia
Ascenscia develops a highly specialized voice assistant phone app for scientific labs. It is built in a modular way to integrate seamlessly with various lab systems like ELNs, LIMS and machines. It enables scientists to access and document data through simple, hands-free voice commands.

Ascenscia media contact
Ahmed Khalil, a.khalil@ascenscia.ai, https://www.ascenscia.ai/

About Utrecht Health Seed Fund B.V.
Utrecht Health Seed Fund supports science-driven innovation in the field of Life Sciences and Health, with a strong economic tie to the province of Utrecht. In a stage of technological development where funding is often scarce, Utrecht Health Seed Fund aims to provide the capital needed to bridge the gap towards follow-on funding.