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The mentorship program brings together a group of leading industry and business professionals who are eager to share their experienced insights and advice with one or more founders.

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Why become an mentor?

  • You are a part of one of the world-leading accelerator programs for tech startups – the number
    one accelerator in Europe and number four globally, according to UBI Global;
  • You get the unique opportunity to increase your footprint in the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem
    in the Netherlands;
  • You are abreast of emerging trends and technologies;
  • You will have a front row seat to exciting startups and ground-breaking innovations;
  • You will get to expand your professional network;
  • You will get invitations to exclusive events as an active member of the wider imec.istart
  • You will get the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills;
  • You will potentially become an investor or future team member of our program.

Expectations of mentors

The service is voluntary and requires a commitment of a  minimum of 10 hours of one-on-one sessions per year with the startups throughout the course of a year.

How to become an mentor?

  • Start by completing the mentor profile form;
  • Should you have any questions beforehand, feel free to contact us;
  • Once you have turned in your application, we will schedule a talk with our team to assess whether there is a good fit;
  • If you receive a positive decision, you will be invited to an onboarding session, where you will get a chance to learn more about the ins-and-out of the mentorship program and the expectations of mentors and founders;
  • You will be included in our mentorship pool and your profile will be published on our website, where startups will get a chance to learn about our expert mentors. Any mentorship requests and matchmaking are moderated by our team. We help identify a suitable match between mentor and founders;
  • Once a match has been made, it will be in both the mentor and startup team’s discretion to reach an agreement on a communication arrangement, in line with our mentorship code of conduct, and with the minimum requirements as an underlying basis.

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John van de Laar
John van de Laar
Program Manager
John van de Laar

Hi! I'm John, program manager of Do you have questions about the program? Feel free to give me a call or send me a mail. Talk to you soon!