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The mentorship program brings together a group of leading industry and business professionals who are eager to share their experienced insights and advice with one or more founders. Interested in learning more about our program?

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor. Mentorship applications are temporarily closed at We appreciate your enthusiasm and will reopen applications in the future. mentors

Soukaina Adnane | Founder of Onera Health

My name is Soukaina, founder at Onera Health, a successful company in the sleep diagnostics and monitoring. Background in material engineering and currently pursuing an Executive MBA at INSEAD. Successfully fundraised and spined out Onera Health from Imec in 2017. Domains: Business Development, Marketing, Organization/People Culture, Sales, Generalist, Other. Market: Health tech.

Ke Jiang | General Manager, Nexperia BV.

Dr. Ke Jiang is an experienced executive leader with 15+ years of experience in business management, specializing in semiconductor solutions. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Munich and an Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge. Domains: Business Development, Operations, Technology, Generalist, Business Development. Market: Industry 4.0, SmartCities, Energy and Infrastructure, SportTech, HealthTech, Semiconductor and other deep tech.

Aquiles Carattino | Co-founder, R&D Manager at Dispertech

Entrepreneur, physicist, and everything in between. I have a strong background in microscopy, electronics, and software development. I spend time thinking about light-sheet microscopy, open hardware, and technology development. The past few years, I've focused on developing products based on optical tools to characterize nanoparticles, including extracellular vesicles. I am interested in fostering inclusive environments and in creating impactful solutions to pressing problems. Domains: Startup, Entrepreneur, B2B. Market: Generalist, Technology, Microscopy, hardware for bio-tech.

Arnaud Kooij | Owner of Design Solutions

My name is Arnaud Kooij. I have 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, setting up several multi-million Euro businesses in the technical space. We represented 3D software (SOLIDWORKS) and 3D printers (metal, plastics, etc). We have built a sales, marketing, and service machine over the years. My added value as a mentor is helping you set up your go-to-market approach. Domains: Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Generalist. Market: Business Services, Aerospace, Industry 4.0.

Frank Bistervels | Owner of Fra4Mon BV

Experienced Seasoned Business Leader/Executive/CEO, successfully growing opportunities through the S-curve in various industries/applications. Entrepreneurial, situational leadership, connecting the dots and building bridges (between opportunity and demand, multidisciplinary teams, from current to desired state), bringing opportunities through S-curve, negotiator, and deal maker. Domains: Business Development, Coaching, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Organization/People Culture, Sales, Technology, Generalist. Market: AgriTech, Energy and Infrastructure, FoodTech.

Hans Bouman | Owner Bouman & Partner Consulting

International experienced entrepreneur/business leader in the technology industry and used to work with multiple distribution channels, OEM customers, building construction and industrial clients. Excellent track record of growing sales revenues/profit margins and improving operating results. Outstanding communication skills and peoples' manager being able to inspire staff and leading management teams to better performance. Domains: Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Technology, Generalist. Market: Energy and Infrastructure, Business Services, HealthTech, Industry 4.0.

Kevin D'Hondt | Country Manager at Siteimprove

Seasoned executive with commercial experience including business development, marketing and sales management. Results-driven and customer centric (servant) people leader with a proven track record in delivering revenue and profitable growth in a range of business environments and industries (professional services, IT, SaaS, consulting services, financial services, wealth planning). Domains: Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Generalist, Operations. Market: Business Services, Consumer Products, FinTech, EdTech, HRTech, Industry 4.0, MediaTech, Other.

Michiel Kruijff | Innovation Executive at Delta-Utec IAS

I am an innovation executive, supporting startups with substantiated business plans and roadmaps for team growth, innovation and product line. My drive is to innovate and make a real impact towards a healthy & sustainable society, worldwide. My approach is based on 25 years of leadership experience in radical innovation and team management in aerospace, (airborne) wind energy, drone design & applications, sustainability, and safe living. Domains: Business Development, Coaching, HR, Organization/People Culture, Technology. Market: Aerospace, Energy and Infrastructure, AgriTech, SmartCities, Other.

Willem-Jan Lamers | Founder of Venamics

Passionate tech entrepreneur | Pioneer | TEDx speaker | Willem-Jan Lamers (1982) is a passionate technology entrepreneur, husband and father of 2 wonderful daughters. He is driven by curiosity and a deep desire to build companies from scratch which develop innovative products that matter. Building a smart, motivated team and finding the perfect product-market fit is the ultimate reward. His motto: "Follow your passions, but think it through. Oh, and never wear a tie ;)". Domains: Business Development, Sales, Technology, Generalist. Market: HealthTech, Other.

Enrico Borella | Senior Product Manager Digital Solutions

I am an energetic results-driven and customer oriented professional with 10+ year experience in the industrial equipment industry and digital technology space. Passionate about disruptive innovation and continuous improvement, I love to help companies turn brilliant ideas into successful and profitable commercial solutions. I am interested in any startup that has a great idea and a good team fit no matter the industry. My expertise ranges industry 4.0 to automotive, from connectivity to construction. Domains: Startup, Entrepreneur, Corporate, B2B, B2C | Market: Technology, Generalist, Other, Marketing, Branding, Hardware, Medical device, Consumer device, Sports device, Product development, Engineering.

Why become a mentor?

  • You are a part of one of the world-leading accelerator programs for tech startups – the number
    one accelerator in Europe and number four globally, according to UBI Global;
  • You get the unique opportunity to increase your footprint in the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem
    in the Netherlands;
  • You are abreast of emerging trends and technologies;
  • You will have a front row seat to exciting startups and ground-breaking innovations;
  • You will get to expand your professional network;
  • You will get invitations to exclusive events as an active member of the wider imec.istart
  • You will get the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills;
  • You will potentially become an investor or future team member of our program.



Expectations as a mentors

The service is voluntary and requires a commitment of a  minimum of 10 hours of one-on-one sessions per year with the startups throughout the course of a year.

How to become an mentor?

We are currently not accepting applications temporarily.

  • Start by completing the mentor profile form;
  • Once you have turned in your application, we will schedule a talk to assess whether there is a good fit;
  • If you receive a positive decision, you will be invited to an onboarding session, where you will get a chance to learn more about the ins-and-out of the mentorship program and the expectations of mentors and founders (you will receive our Code of Conduct);
  • You will be included in our mentorship pool and your profile will be published on our website, where startups will get a chance to learn about our expert mentors. Any mentorship requests and matchmaking are moderated by our team. We help identify a suitable match between mentor and founders;
  • Once a match has been made, it will be in both the mentor and startup team’s discretion to reach an agreement on a communication arrangement, in line with our mentorship code of conduct, and with the minimum requirements as an underlying basis.




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