Meet the partner: Pfizer

Meet the partner: Pfizer

Together with our partners, we help companies to succeed with industry-specific
support, pilot programs, customer opportunities, and potential financing. Our
program partners contribute to the selection process, and during the program, they
provide valuable insights. One of those program partners is Pfizer.

About Pfizer
Pfizer is an innovative pharmaceutical company most well-known for its covid-19 vaccine.
Besides vaccines, Pfizer is active in the fields of oncology, hospital care, immunology,
inflammation, internal medicine, and rare diseases. Because of its relentless focus on
innovation in all the steps that need to be taken to get from foundational research to a
product in the hands of patients, the company was able to act swiftly during the covid-19
pandemic. In plenty of countries across the world – including the Netherlands – Pfizer has a
Healthcare Hub that connects valuable innovative solutions from the external ecosystem
with the relevant departments inside the company.

Why they are our partner
The Netherlands is a country that always has been at the forefront of innovation. Therefore,
Pfizer is keen to learn about innovations outside the company walls that can change the
lives of patients and healthcare professionals or improve internal processes. In Belgium,
Pfizer has been partnering with imec.istart for a few years now, which has proven to be truly
valuable. Therefore, Pfizer decided in 2022 to partner with imec.istart.nl in the Netherlands
to build on this success.

As a program partner, Pfizer offers insights into the workings of one of the world’s largest
pharmaceutical companies. With critical insights, they help startups to look at their business
from different perspectives. As a participant of imec.istart.nl, you can tap into Pfizer’s
knowledge and experience, both in the medical field as well as in business. In return, Pfizer
hears about your exciting projects at an early stage which helps them to keep innovating in

Want to know more about how Pfizer can support you during imec.istart.nl? Contact Paul Daalderop or Sander van Nuland.